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CI/CD Implementations

Support to create and manage CI/CD implementations with GitHub actions or Azure DevOps
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Consistent & Tested

Umbdigital can create Umbraco continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows for use with either GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps Pipelines

CI/CD bridges the gaps between development and operation activities and teams by enforcing automation in building, testing and deployment of applications

The use of CI/CD adds an extra level of protection to your deployments so you can be sure what gets deployed has built correctly and simplifying the deployment process by removing the risk of incorrect files being removed or modified

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Experienced @ CI/CD

We have been using and implementing CI/CD pipelines for many years, our experienced developers will work with your team to create a workflow with works with your processes

We are able to provide training and on-going support for all workflows created by us, if you require the use of dedicated build agents, we are able to provide and manage these for you

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